This is Inpipe Sweden AB

Nordic’s leading manufacturer of GRP liners
Are you seeking cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize your pipeline rehabilitation projects? Look no further than Inpipe Sweden AB, a global player in trenchless technology.

Global expertise, local impact

With a worldwide presence, we combine global expertise with a deep understanding of local challenges. This ensures tailored solutions that make a meaningful impact on your pipelines.

At Inpipe, our mission is to redefine the pipeline rehabilitation industry through innovation, quality, and sustainability. With each project, we aim to set new standards, solving challenges and delivering results that shape the future.

Key milestones in Inpipe’s history:

1977: Pioneering Patent: In the late 70’s, we secured a patent for revolutionary 
fiberglass-reinforced flexible liner systems, setting the stage for industry transformation.

1982: A revolutionary system is developed with polyester resin that is cured with UV light.

1985: Inpipe is founded, marking the beginning of our innovative journey in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation.

1995: Inpipe’s ambitious quality systems becomes ISO certified.

2009: Launch of Inpipe FLEXLINER, a game-changing solution capable of seamlessly handling dimensional changes within existing pipes.

2017: Research and development commence for the world’s first styrene-free polyester liner, showcasing our dedication to environmental sustainability.

2021: Breakthrough achievement – Inpipe introduces Inpipe FREELINER®, the world’s first UV-light-cured fiberglass-reinforced liner, free of styrene and Bisphenol, setting new industry benchmarks.

Global footprint: With a worldwide presence, we’ve expanded our reach to serve diverse markets across the globe.

Sustainability Drive: We continue to refine our processes, minimizing our environmental footprint.

Future Forward: As we move ahead, Inpipe remains dedicated to redefining the pipeline industry through sustainability, innovation, and unmatched quality.

Each milestone is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence and our commitment to shaping the future of pipeline rehabilitation.

Nordic mindset
Swedish quality

Caring for nature is part of our heritage in Southern Lapland, Sweden, where Inpipe is located. That is why sustainability is the default mindset in our product development.