Inpipe Flexliner

Inpipe Flexliner is specialized for renovating pipes with dimension- and shape changes.

When using Inpipe Flexliner, you only need to know the largest and smallest dimension, or circumference of the pipe, to manage the renovation. The liner is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, also available as a styrene-free alternative. Inpipe Flexliner can handle dimension changes of up to 150 percent, depending on the dimension of the pipe.


  • Easy to install with inversion or winch-in-place
  • Adapts to dimension changes anywhere in the pipe – up to 50% depending on dimension
  • Minimum gap between pipe and lining (< 0.1% of diameter)
  • Up to 100 years of life
  • You do not have to measure and fit a “sewn-in” liner
  • An obvious choice when you come across pipes that are not standard in dimension
  • Up to SN5 depending on diameter



Unsaturated polyester or vinylester


ECR Glass


Multi–layer foil of Co extruded thermoplastic such as PE/PA/PE

Wall thickness (typical standard products)

3 – 12 mm

Maximum residual styrene content


Minimum glass content


Inpipe Liner

Our standard liner fits the most common pipe dimensions and projects for the trenchless renovation.

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Inpipe Freeliner

Inpipe Freeliner® is the world’s first styrene- and bisphenol-free liner for renewing pipelines and culverts.

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Special liner

If our product range don’t cover your needs, we will do our best to produce a custom made liner for you.

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