Inpipe Liner

Our standard liner fits the most common pipe dimensions and projects for the trenchless renovation of drains, road culverts, or other pipes.

Inpipe Liner fit the most common pipe dimensions and projects for the trenchless renovation. It is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, which is soft, flexible and easy to handle during installation. Inpipe Liners are available in SN1 to SN7, depending on diameter. Available in Ø150 mm – Ø1800 mm.

Advantages of INPIPE LINER

  • Thin walls thanks to high a E-modulus
  • Lifespan of up to 100 years because of the low reduction factor
  • Available for both inversion and winch-in-
    place installation
  • Visible laterals due to the flexibility of Inpipe’s liners – saves time for the installer



Unsaturated polyester or vinylester


ECR Glass


Multi–layer foil of Co extruded thermoplastic such as PE/PA/PE

Wall thickness (typical standard products)

3 – 12 mm

Maximum residual styrene content


Minimum glass content


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Typical value

Test method

Short‑term E‑module (Young’s modulus)

9500‑18000 MPa

ISO 1228 / ISO 53769‑3 / ISO 11296‑4 / ISO 178

50 years E‑module

6700‑12900 MPa

ISO 1228 / ISO 53769‑3 / ISO 11296‑4 / ISO 178

100 years E‑module

6400‑12100 MPa

ISO 1228 / ISO 53769‑3 / ISO 11296‑4 / ISO 178

Flexural strength

220‑240 N/mm2

ISO 178 / ISO 11296‑4

Elongation to failure


ISO 178 / ISO 11296‑4

Creep factor in 50 years


ISO 899‑2 / ISO 11296‑4

Tensile strength

130‑300 N/mm2

ISO 527‑4 / ISO 11296‑4

Fracture strain


ISO 527‑4 / ISO 11296‑4

Water tightness


ISO 1610

Gap width % of diameter


Chemical resistance test


ISO 175

Abrasion test flushing
”Hamburg model”


Abrasion test ”Darmstadt model”


DIN 19565

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Inpipe Flexliner

Inpipe Flexliner can reline pipes with varying dimensions, easily resolving problems with shape changes.

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Inpipe Freeliner

Inpipe Freeliner® is the world’s first styrene- and bisphenol-free liner for renewing pipelines and culverts.

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Special liner

If our product range don’t cover your needs, we will do our best to produce a custom made liner for you.

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